Food Rights Actions in the U.S.

Current Efforts in Oregon

Benton County, Oregon: Developing the Community Right to Farm Security and Self-Governance

At first glance, a trip through Benton County would look like many of America's farming communities:  roadside produce stands, rolling fields of corn and wheat, blueberries and ryegrass, vegetables and berries.

And like many around the country, Benton County farmers are facing dramatic threats to their ability to farm.  Contamination creates huge expenses and risk for farmers who have grown traditional crops on family farms for decades.

Contamination risks from  genetically modified crops and non-gmo canola are bringing together a diverse group of growers. They keep asking the question, "Why do producers of risky crops have the right to contaminate my plants?"

A group of these impassioned farmers has decided to take a stand in a revolutionary way. Read more...