The following organizations are opposed to the ODA’s proposed canola rule change:

Organic Consumers Association
Friends of Family Farmers
Oregon Clover Commission
Wild Garden Seeds
Fresh Market Growers Association
National Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Center for Food Safety
Greenwillow Grains
Adaptive Seeds 
Ten Rivers Food Web
Portland Farmers Market
Dancing Roots Farm
Turf Merchants
Rijk Zwaan Seed Co
Gylan Mulkey Farms Inc
Winter Green Farm
OrCa Seed Production Inc.
Friends of French Prairie
Wild West Seed
International Seed Service Inc.
Annand Seeds Oregon
Spencer Creek Community Growers’ Market
S&S Seeds / Environmental Seed Producers
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Organic Seed Alliance
The Real Seed Catalogue
Fedco Seeds
Johnny’s Select Seeds
Gylan Mulkey Farms Inc.
Gales Meadow Farm
Log House Plants
Nichols Garden Nursery
Butard Farms
Blue Flower Family Farm
Open Oak Farm
Willamette Valley Specialty Seed Association

The following organizations or companies have specifically supported the WVSSA’s position against the expansion of canola in the Willamette Valley:

North Pacific Seeds, Inc.
Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association
Oregon Seed Trade Association                       
Pacific Seed Association
Oregon Clover Commission                               
Oregon Fresh Market Growers Association
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Oregon Meadowfoam Growers Association
Oregon Seed Growers League
Organically Grown Company
Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission
Pacific Pioneer Ag LLC,  Portland, Oregon
Universal Seed Company
Ag Alternatives, Inc.
S&S Seeds LLC (both Albany, OR, and Carpinteria, CA)
Pacific Seed Production USA
Wild West Seed, Inc.
West Coast Beet Seed Company
International Seed Service, Inc.
OrCa Seed Production, Inc.
Barenbrug USA
Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association            
Kamprath Seeds, Manteca, CA
Tohoku Seed Co. Ltd., Utsunomiya, Japan
North Willamette Horticulture Society
Kaneko Seeds Co., Ltd., Maebashi, Japan
Specialty Seed Growers of Western Oregon
Takii Seed Co. Ltd., Kyoto, Japan
Japanese Seed Trade Association
Mission Ranches, Salinas, CA
Seeds of Change
Tokita Seed Company, Saitama, Japan
Sakata Seed America, Inc., Morgan Hill, CA
Sakata Seed Corp., Yokohama, Japan
Northwest Transplants
Rijk Zwaan USA
South Pacific Seeds, Inc., Griffith, Australia
Dorsing Seeds
Astrac International, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Seed Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Watanabe Seed Co., Ltd, Kogota, Japan
Nohara Seed Co., Ltd.,NokukiAKuki-City, Japan
Nakahara Seed Product Co., Ltd.,Hakata-ku, Japan
Sanyo Seed Co., Ltd.,Himeji-City, Japan
Matsunaga Seed Co., Ltd.,Kohnan-City, Japan
Chikada Seed Co., Ltd.,Hamamatsu-City, Japan
Nippon Seed Growers Co., Ltd.,Matsumoto-City, Japan
Matsushita Seed Co.,Kanazawa-City, Japan
Tomatsu Seed Co., Ltd.,Iida-City, Japan
Komesan Seed Co., Ltd.,Nagaoka-City, Japan
Ishikawa Seed Co.,Mishima-City, Japan
California Seed Association
Pyunghwa Peace Seed Co., Ltd Seoul, Korea
Limagrain UK Limited, Lincoln, UK
Enza Zaden Seed Operations B.V., Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
American Seed Trade Association
Puget Sound Seed Growers