State GMO Pre-emptions

Two bills have just been proposed to our Oregon State Legislature that demand your attention.  Senate bill 633 and House bill 3192  are written to take away your rights to address GMOs in your community.
Senate bill 633 and House bill 3192 are lobbyist-driven pre-emptive legislation – proposed rules that take away a community’s rights to make any local decisions affecting seeds, seed heritage and GMOs.  This action is in direct response to the citizen-driven county ordinances farmers in Benton County and Jackson County are proposing.  The proposed legislation is meant to stop these and every other GMO-related citizen initiatives in their tracks.
These bi-partisan bills are entirely industry motivated.  Have you ever contacted your legislator to ask “Please take away my rights to make local decisions”… ?  Preemptive legislation does not come from the people.  It comes from powerful corporations lobbying to break the knees of the citizen-driven community rights movement.
Legislation eliminating local decision making about GMOs has already passed in a dozen other states.   Their citizens did not ask for pre-emption, either!
We have to let our legislators know that the people of Oregon want to keep our Constitutional right to choose the look and feel of our local communities, our farms, our seeds, and our food.  We should be the decision makers in our own communities – not huge corporations and not federal or state bureaucrats.
Please share this information with everyone you know.   People who care about food need to know how biotech corporations are trying to take away our local rights.  We need to educate and organize!