Current Issues

There are many issues of which to be aware in this world.  None are more important than those concerning the food we need to live.

Below you will find a list of farm and food issues that are of great importance to anyone whom grows and/or eats food.


Canola, or rapeseed (as it was originally called) is a lant that belongs to the mustard family. It has been developed through traditional and modern practices to provide biofuel that is used running for motor vehicles and as a cooking oil for preparing food.  But how much do you really know about this plant and the purposes for which it is cultivated?

What's the Issue with Canola?  Why make a big fuss over this little plant?

Canola (rapeseed) FAQ's.  A look at some of the big questions about canola.

The Science on Canola.  What are the scientific findings about canola and its relationship to the growing of food?

Canola in the News.  Canola has been making news in Oregon lately.  You can find some of these articles here.

Canola as Food.  Government subsidies may make canola a cheap cooking oil to buy, but is it safe to eat?


GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms), organisms made in a laboratory using methods of GE (Genetic Engineering) are the subject of great public concern.  In the section of our website dedicated to this topic you will find poignant and useful information about this issue.  

Got GMO's? How Do You Know?  Are you concerned about GMO's?  Did you know that (if you live in the USA) you are probably consuming GMO's with every meal?

GMO Myth and Truths.  With all of the attention given to the subject of GMO's these days there is quite a bit of spin-doctoring being done.  How do you discern the fact from fiction.  This is a good place to start.

Learn More About GMO's.  At this link you will find a page of links to resources to further educate yourself about the GMO issue.